Raja Laut Team is proud to introduce our second new location in Bunaken, the Coral View. Please visit the website:



We are PROUDLY a 5 STARS PADI Dive Resort (S-24454):



During HIGH season (JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER) we accept reservation ONLY from divers or Wannabe (guests who would like to do a Padi Open Water Course with us). We are a small Resort of divers made for divers and we believe, that during this period, we cannot dedicate the same attention to guests who do not participate in diving operations.


Reservation and Cancellation Policy

By doing a Reservation you accept our policy.


We do request a MINIMUM stay of 3 NIGHTS to our guests.

Booking of your stay must be made by email, following the details provided by you (number of days, number of guests, dives, airport transfers) we will send a quote. Telephone reservations are not accepted. Children below 10 years of age are not accepted.

To confirm your reservation you will have to transfer a deposit, 30% of an agreed quote for your staying and diving: it is possible to do an International Bank Transfer (Indonesian Bank Account MayBank, Manado) OR with credit card (MasterCard or VISA +3% Bank fee).




Cancellation Policy



(4 Superior bungalows + 3 Standard bungalows. Minahasa Style, wooden made)


FREE Wi Fi Available for our guests


€ 40 per person/night including 3 meals, water, tea/coffee, seasonal fruit.   (Single occupancy + 50%) 


€ 35 per person / night including 3 meals, water, tea/coffee, seasonal fruit. (Single occupancy + 50%)




€ 5 per person/night (Superior)

€ 5 per person/night (Standard)



Fun diving Options

Diving OPTION 1 (Raja Laut dive equipment)

Diving OPTION 2 (Guest dive equipment)

Diving OPTION 3 (NITROX 1, 32% O2)


Single diver Mandarin dive and Night dive: 

we can organize a Mandarin fish dive and a Night dive for a single diver with private diving guide. Cost is 55 euro per dive.


Private Diving Guide

we offer private diving guide service for divers who need special care and attention or for underwater photographers who like freedom and independency for their camera shoots.

Cost is 55 euro per person per dive.

Please note: fun diving is reserved ONLY to certified divers (open water/junior open water or above). Certified divers MUST show proof of their own certification prior to join the dives. If you do not have ready your certification, please take your time to retrieve it. If you are PADI certified diver, we can retrieve your certification on PADI database.

Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD) and additional discover dives DO NOT constitute valid diving certifications. 


PADI courses at all levels with Italian Instructor

PADI n° 973834/ PADI n° 314551 (speaking Italian, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian), all courses are with a maximum 1:4 rate (instructor/students) .



OPEN WATER DIVER (4 Open Water Dives + 3 Scuba Skill sessions + Online MANUAL, Log Book, CERTIFICATION)

  • € 430 for 1 Instructor and 1 student ratio
  • € 400 for 1 Instructor and 2 students ratio
  • € 385 for 1 Instructor and 3/4 ratio



Recommended adventure dives (Deep/Navigation mandatory): Wreck, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Dive, Fish Identification, Drift Dive, Search and Recovery



DIVEMASTER (CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS, Minimum staying required 3 weeks, 4 weeks stay suggested)

Specialty Enriched AIR NITROX € 150 - no dives are included in the Course cost


Fishing and Whale Watching Trips

We are the one and only Resort in Bunaken to organize with the participation and supervision of local fishermen, tuna fishing trips during which is often possible to see and sometimes even swim with Sperm Whales, (more information on times and costs on site)



Cost of the transfer is 50 euro ONE WAY for up to 4 guests sharing. Private car/driver + speed boat (15+35 euro). Total time around 1 and 1/2 hour. For more than 4 guests 2 cars are required , cost will be 30 euro for the cars and 50 euro for a bigger boat , total 80 euro (ONE WAY). Off course is possible to opt for a taxi and a public transport (public boat). The public boat is not available on SUNDAY and it will depart between 2 PM and 4 PM depending on the tide. Be advice to choose this service with bad weather, often this boats are overloaded, run by old engines and without any safety precautions. 


*  All prices are subject to change due to inflation and currency exchange rates.
*  Guests are encouraged to obtain travel insurance and scuba diving (if the case) coverage




Please note that all visitors to the Bunaken National Park (divers and non divers) are required to pay an entrance fee, in accordance with Provincial Law 9 / 2002. The entrance fee for foreign visitors is Rp 50,000 per daily ticket (valid for 3 days, corresponding to about U.S. $ 6), or Rp 150,000 (about U.S. $ 17) for a waterproof pin valid for the entire calendar year .

These pins can be purchased directly from all members NSWA, the Resorts or from ticket offices on the island of Bunaken and Siladen. They must be exposed at any time where guests are within the boundaries of the park (directly on the dive equipment or bags and backpacks). Spot checks are carried out by park rangers on land and at sea.

The system came into force in 2002 was adapted from that of the Bonaire Marine Park and the proceeds from the sale of the pins is controlled by the Bunaken National Park Management Advisory Board (BNPMAB).

NOTE: currently (2015) the Park Authority is revisiting Tax ammount and Way of payment. Situation is evolving and will be clear in the next months to come.